Our Manufacturing Facilities

To manufacture Active Pharma Ingredients and Drug Intermediates (KSMs)

Location Total Area Built up Area Total reaction Volume Number of Reactors Number of blocks
Unit 1

Pashamylaram, Hyderabad

20,066 Sq. Mtrs 6,412.56 Sq. Mtrs 275 KL 81 6
Unit 2 Choutuppal, Hyderabad 29,490 Sq. Mtrs 18,685 Sq. Mtrs 604 KL 101 4
Unit 3 Sadasivpet, Hyderabad 4,24,919 Sq. Mtrs 18,257 Sq. Mtrs 150 KL 35 2
TOTAL 4,74,475 Sq. Mtrs 43,354.56 Sq. Mtrs 1029 KL 217 12

Our Sites are Equipped with

Reactors from 20 L to 7 KL, ATFDs, RCVDs, VTDs, TDs, FBDs, ANFDs


Our process development and production capabilities in synthetic organic chemistry cover a wide therapeutic range of APIs and Intermediates. Our development expertise is backed by our comprehensive understanding of these processes and a strong R&D support. As a result, we provide you with high-quality APIs at competitive prices, while meeting the most stringent industry standards.

Our capabilities in the field of synthetic organic chemistry include.

Grignard Reaction, Chlorination, Hydrogenation, Oxidation, Friedel-Craft Reaction, Bromination, Sodium Hydride, Nitration, Amination, Esterification and many more.

Our most rigid analytical and physical control methods are utilized to deliver desired quality APIs with stringent demands of regulatory bodies in target countries.

Our R & D experts continually strive to improve our processes so that you can benefit from capabilities in developing technologies to deliver and implement new processes that will enhance our production capabilities help you to maintain competitive edge in the marketplace.

Our experts excel in tailoring physical properties to customer requirements. We specialize in polymorphic forms and other bulk physical properties designed to meet your special formulation needs.

Our significant investment in Process Development generates a steady flow of API compounds, enabling customers to go to market with new pharmaceutical products more quickly. About half of the team is dedicated to improving process efficiency and automation, to help customers reduce costs and remain competitive in the global marketplace.

We always get excited to help our customers stay a leading position in the marketplace. With our substantial ongoing investment in upgrading our plants and systemswe will provide the best in quality APIs and intermediates at most competitive prices.

Our QA Ecosystem

Our well-conceived, rigorously implemented Quality Management Systems(QMS) not only ensures excellent quality but also focus on continual improvements aimed at optimizing processes and adding value into the efforts in production. Processes, systems, operations and decisions are aligned to ensure that the end product is of high quality.

We adopted quality by design (QbD) approach in manufacturing thus clearly identifying source of variability and minimize them. Identifying and eliminating defects, mitigating risks wherever they are likely to impact quality has improved our efficiency phenomenally.

Transparency in all areas of operations and building robust quality culture across the organizations with customer-centric approach helps us to delivery safe and high quality APIs and intermediates.

Our commitment to quality is uncompromising and we demonstrate it by:

  • Complying with current GMP standards.
  • Conducting regular internal and external audits of our manufacturing sites.
  • Undergoing regular inspections by the health authorities and customers.
  • Implementing continual quality improvement initiatives according to emerging industry trends.
  • Enforcing rigorous end-to-end control. We ensure our suppliers comply with quality regulations and standards through periodic audits of their facilities.

Our high standards mean you get products you can trust.


Our customers benefit from

Our far‐reaching expertise in advanced analytical techniques and processes, supported by industry‐leading ICH guidelines & GMP practices.

Product knowledge We develop advanced analytical methods and specifications suitable for the routes of synthesis and crystallization of our APIs.

Regulatory compliance We have the technical know-how and experience to support ever-evolving regulatory requirements.

Professional support We have the technical know‐how and experience to support ever‐evolving regulatory requirements.

Powder processing Our experts excel in tailoring physical properties to customer requirements. We specialize in polymorphic forms and other bulk physical properties designed to meet your special formulation needs.


We’re your API partner.

Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible so you receive approval on time. Our high-quality DMFs meet regional requirements and are tailored for specific market submissions. Our teams are fully committed to supporting you with timely and quality responses.

We adhere to the highest standards in everything we do– for this we have expertise, experience and resources to support our customers, with commitment to quality, development and manufacturing to regulatory compliance and product deliverythat is uncompromising.

Customers shall experience our relentless efforts to anticipate customer needs at every point and position them to success by providing individualized support to each customer along every step of their journey to success from development to commercial phase in this ever-changing pharmaceutical industry.