Infectious Diseases

There are 36.7 million people living with HIV worldwide, but only 20.1 million were receiving ART therapy. Globally this accounts for only 53% of the estimated people living with HIV.

Hepatitis C - Seventy-one million are estimated to be living with the virus, with 72% residing in Low- and Middle-income countries. Approximately 98.5% of the people infected with HCV are not receiving treatment.

Tuberculosis(TB) is a global pandemic affecting 10.4 million people worldwide. More than 95% of TB deaths occur in Low- and Middle-income countries.

However more efforts are needed to scale up treatment. This is critical as larger number of people living with encounter drug resistance and treatment failures.

Arene’s focus is to reduce the time to market for the unique products in the portfolio to make dominating presence in the infectious disease areas. We are also widening the portfolio to other key infectious disease of Anti-TB and HCV.

Facilitating capacity building and collaboration between various regulators. Contributing to market sustainability and lower prices by increasing fair competition among quality products and reducing the cost with chemistry improvements to increase the efficiency and productivity.

We are actively seeking to partner with Global pharmaceutical formulation manufacturers to be their preferred quality API suppliers for both access and regulated markets, as we are completely backward integrated and would be contributing significantly to meet the growing demand.