ARENE is committed to business practices that promote socially and environmentally responsible economic growth. We believe that everyone has the right to a safe and healthy work environment.  From the earliest stages of development all the way to large-scale production, our processes and plants are designed with safety in mind to protect both employees and society at large.

Our production sites and Labs adhere to local regulations and we make sure that our employees and external sub-contractors follow our stringent safety procedures. We made significant investment in the installation and maintenance of advanced safety equipment and state-of-the-art fire protection systems.

We have detailed guidelines for the safe handling of APIs, intermediates and KSMs, which are periodically reviewed and updated. We hold employee training sessions on safe handling of APIs and other chemical hazards, and we make sure employees are up to date on regulations.

We earn the right to operate by being effective contributor of good environment and a commitment that all accidents and incidents are preventable. Our EHS Management System takes our performance beyond compliance. Our experts work to design and redesign our operations to reduce, reuse and recycle materials, which is good for the environment and reduces our cost of goods.

Arene is committed to improving global healthcare by enhancing access to medicines and contributing to the well-being of communities in which we live and operate. We support volunteer in their communities in multiple ways.